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Green Cedar
Outreach Consulting

Building Bridges with Farsi-Speaking Communities

Green Cedar Consulting was founded in 2018 to provide quality translations and enhanced outreach to Farsi-Speaking Communities. Over the past years, it was tasked with various projects, from election campaigns to community initiatives. We help you to build bridges and new sustainable relationships based on respect, trust, and efficiency. We offer a diverse range of services that match your outreach mission. It can be as small as offering consultation to organizing your outreach campaign. The main reasons to use our service are our deep ties to communities and having their trust in us. 

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Our Product

BC Sarv Farsi Bulletin Board

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BC Sarv was developed by a team of two. These individuals have deep ties to the community and bring a wealth of experience in community organizing, business, and digital marketing. Additionally, our numerous connections to different circles in Farsi-speaking communities allow us to connect to various circles and ensure that BC Sarv has a far reach.

Learn more about BC Sarv by seeing its website.



What people are telling about us!


Bill Tieleman, 
President, West Star Communications

“I am pleased to endorse the work of Amir Bajehkian and Green Cedar Consulting in ensuring that communications to new Canadians and their communities is not simply ’translated’ from English but made clear, culturally relevant and appropriate for that audience.  Too many times we see important information translated that is technically correct but practically inadequate for its intended viewers or listeners.  Effective outreach depends on effective use of language, culture and values – that’s where Green Cedar Consulting can help.”


Alysia MacGrotty,
Specialist, Stakeholder Engagement and Communications

“Amir Bajehkian is a connector and a provider. He has spent years advocating for the betterment of government services by navigating complex systems within government bureaucracy and bringing forward realistic solutions to modern-day problems. With everything Amir puts his mind to, his first priority is to improve the quality of life for his community. From the pleasure I have had, I am a better person because Amir is in my life and I know many others hold him in the same high regard.”


Bonita Zarrillo,
Member of Parliament for Port Moody—Coquitlam

“Amir, at Green Cedar Consulting, is an authentic and committed leader. His network is unmatched. It is his openness and willingness to share and connect people sets Green Cedar apart. Amir brings his technical skills, and his heart, to each project, a double win!”


Glen Sanford,
Former Communications Director, BC NDP

“I worked closely with Amir Bajehkian, of Green Cedar Consulting, on a variety of challenging tasks. Amir provided invaluable advice, organized community events, and translated complex written material. His skills go far beyond word for word translation – he gave careful thought and sound advice about effective cross-cultural communication.

Green Cedar Consulting delivered on their commitments in a thorough and timely way. I don’t hesitate to recommend Green Cedar Consulting to provide meaningful outreach and communication to the Iranian-Canadian community.”


Farhad Fred Soofi,
Small business owner, Member of the Board of Directors for Coquitlam Heritage Society, Vancouver Asian Heritage Month and Vancouver Intercultural Orchestra

“I have personally known Amir Bajehkian for the past 12 years and have worked with him as a volunteer helping newcomers on governmental, community and educational issues. He is widely known and respected in the Farsi speaking community and has informed, supported and advocated for them.  I have come to know that he is very knowledgeable in governmental and educational policies and has consistently demonstrated the ability to rise to challenges, I found him to be honest and reliable with good judgment.  I would like to state my strong recommendation for Amir.”


Jennifer Blatherwick,
School Trustee, Coquitlam

“Green Cedar Consulting provided a professional, thorough service, with a detailed, in-depth analysis.   Responses and follow-up was courteous and prompt, and very helpful to understanding my community.”


Sebastien Zein,
Associate, Urbanics Consultants

“Amir is a natural-born community connector. He brings people together with energy and positivity, strengthening social bonds among people from diverse backgrounds. I also have first-hand experience with his ability to build trust across different outlooks. Together, these are the exact qualities required to excel in community outreach.”


Mira Oreck,
Executive Director, The Houssian Foundation

“Amir is a great organizer and convener. I’ve worked with him in political environments and in my time working in the Office of the Premier of British Columbia.  He understands how to seize opportunities, he continuously generates big ideas and knows how to follow through on them. Most of all, he has a deep love for his community that very clearly drives his work.”


Margot Sangster, MA

“Having worked in Canadian immigrant and refugee settlement, and internationally in Afghanistan and the Philippines, I can attest to Mr. Amir Taghi Bajeh-Kian’s cultural and investigative savy.   Being born in Iran enables Amir to be a natural at conducting market research, building community linkages, and exploring mutually beneficial opportunities with the Iranian Canadian and other communities!  Ignoring this large and growing demographic is ill advised given their abundant talent and potential to ensure Canada prospers in the twenty-first century.”


Sanjar Sohail,Journalist and Publisher, Hasht e Subh Daily Newspaper, Kabul, Afghanistan

“Amir is a long time dedicated community activist in greater Vancouver, BC. He is well connected to a large and divers groups of Persian speaking communities. I have come to known him via his initiative on Farsi dar BC (a grassroots campaign dedicated to add “Persian” as a second language option in BC Schools). Moreover, with his hard work and dedication, I was able to get in touch with many professional Persian speaking people around BC. Amir is a highly trusted community activist among many Persian speaking people and businesses in BC and has a proven record of dedication and devotion to community work.”


Farid Rohani,
Past Chair of the Laurier Institution, Honorary Lieutenant Colonel of the British Columbia Regiment

“Amir is disciplined, focused, diligent, responsible individual and he has always taken a very comprehensive approach to the tasks he has undertaken.

He does not shy away from difficult projects; I would even venture to say that those difficult subjects get him motivated to perform better. His network in the various communities, built on years of building on the ground, last mile relationships can be the key advantage he holds. He knows the right people that trust him and have seen his leadership in action. In a few words, you want something done in various communities, if you wish buy in for your message, accurate translation and intent of messaging, he is as they say your man.”


Abbas Sedghi,
President, Saraye Iran (Society of Canadians of Iranian Origin)

“It is an art to organize and mobilize communities and in Vancouver, I found this talent in our dear friend, Amir Bajehkian. Amir is passionate about serving immigrants and in this passion he is looking for what connects us; be it language, shared goals, and shared desire to help those in need. From the time I met him, I admire him and I am also honoured to have him in “Saraye Iran” (Society of Canadians of Iranian Origin), as a key member, and part of the board of directors”

Maria Dobrinskaya,
co-chair, VotePRBC campaign, official proponent for the BC electoral reform referendum

“Amir knows that community outreach to new Canadians means more than just translation services. His thorough understanding of the broader political landscape in which he’s operating combined with the deep insight he has into the culture and values of the specific communities he’s engaging are key to his effectiveness. Amir delivered real results on the electoral reform referendum and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again.”

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